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Understanding Addiction


   The Show

One in fourteen Americans struggles with substance misuse, and over 100,000 people have died in in the past year from drug overdose. Addiction cuts across income, education, age, race, and class lines. Though science has described addiction as a complex brain disease influenced by genetic and environmental factors, it is still widely viewed as a moral failing among society at large, the media, our justice system, and even healthcare providers. Unfortunately, the stigma associated with addiction not only discourages people from getting help, but also further entrenches their substance use. In an effort to educate myself and others, I interview experts from the field of addiction medicine as well as people in recovery to hear about their unique experiences with use disorders.

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“Check out the @trappedcast
by local high school student, Ahana Wokhlu! I am grateful to be included in this fantastic lineup!"

Dr. Veronika Mesheriakova, UCSF

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Latest Episode

In this episode, Dr. Kenneth Saffier will explain the principles and practice of motivational interviewing as it relates to substance use disorders.


Motivational interviewing (MI) is a collaborative method of communication designed to strengthen a person's motivation to work towards a goal. This approach is more effective in eliciting  change than externally-driven methods that may be inconsistent with the person's wishes or values. 

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Mountain View, California

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